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[♥] It was as if Hanael wanted to press himself as close to Dove as he could, sealing up the space between them utterly.

Blond strands fluttered in the breeze as Hanael parted pink tiers to speak. [♥]

"— Unless you intend to die, I won’t lose you. I’ll be by your side for as long as I can… and I want to be the first person you see when you reawaken. Because… you have to sleep soon and. And I want to be there when you wake up…"

He remained silent for a moment, just letting the embrace do the talking. They say actions can say more than 1000 words, and even for Dove that was sometimes true. Although he did have a tendency to do things with words. He blamed the bird genes for that, as before his summoning he wasn’t one for talking at all.

"… Is it really this clear I need sleep? It’s… I had hoped I could last a while longer, but it seems it won’t even be a year, the way things are going currently. Perhaps, sleeping soon will be better; the sooner I would wake up again. As I do intend to wake up, so I won’t leave anyone permanently~"
As much as he intended to wake up though, it was never 100% certainty that a demon would wake up, not fading away in their sleep. Atleast he had very strong reasons to remain alive. People still needed him, he couldn’t let them down.

"For now I’ll be here for a little while longer. I’ll atleast need to make preparations to ensure everything goes well. And I want to atleast spend a little more time together with you before I go. So… I hope it’s not too much to ask that you don’t worry about my health? I promise I will go to sleep when it’s really my time…"

"A heart’s a heavy burden."
- Howl’s Moving Castle, 2004  (via koreyan) -
Anonymous whispered: Dove, Kyrene is unusually agitated. What did you do earlier? - C. Steinmauer


"Well who says it was me who agitated her? It’s unfair to immediately assume I did something, isn’t it?"

He knew fully well why Kyrene was agitated, but he may as well attempt to dodge a bullet.

                                                             and i’m l o n e l y; there, i said it
                       i’m lonely but it’s { hard to admit it }
           when everybody thinks that you’re fine all the time and you’re not


[♥] Arms slid around the taller, heavier frame as Hanael pressed his cheek over Dove’s heart. A pulse, and an inhuman thrum of a powerful aura; soothing… and lonely. How was Dove ever terrifying? [♥]

"I have loved and I have been far more monstrous than you. You deserve every kind of love I can give you, you know… just because you’re you doesn’t mean you’re a monster or unworthy.” [♥] A nuzzle and a hesitant shift on small feet. [♥]

"I… was afraid of you at first because I was reminded of someone I lost… but I refuse to be scared now."

Was it strange? That Dove found himself even more frightened by the idea of someone loving him deeply, than having to go into slumber to stay alive? He wasn’t particularly afraid to love, to give his affection. But if someone started loving him back, then the risk to truly lose them became so much bigger. He could not promise to always be there for him, hard as he’d try; and soon enough he wouldn’t be seeing them for several years. He didn’t want to make anyone go through the possibility of losing him either.

Maybe he should take his distance from Hanael, for the angel’s sake. But he couldn’t; not when he was embraced like this, his arms automatically returning the embrace and holding the other close. It was at these moments that he could feel the wings hidden under the skin of Hanael’s back, which only served to remind Dove that they were not even all that different. And yet at the same time they were considered opposites; a demon and an angel.

"I’m glad… that you’re not afraid of me. It— means a lot to me actually. But the thing is, I cannot promise you will not lose me as well… and I don’t want to hurt you. Having to make you live through that fear and that fear maybe one day becoming reality."


Andy wants to ruffle those fluffy feathers, tbh.

proceeds to go birdie form and sits on a certain angel’s shoulder.

"Have at it~"


[♥] A nasal exhale, the angel defiantly holding his stance, head up and shoulders squared. [♥]

"Yes, love. I love you, you silly man. And I mean I love you — romantically, and every other way I can. You make me happy. You make me worry. Sometimes I get upset over or with you. You make me feel things — and I love you so much, Dove…”

He looked more than a little surprised now. In fact, the more Hanael found his courage to confess to Dove, the wider his eyes grew. To think that someone loved him that much, and all this time he had been completely oblivious to it… Maybe because he didn’t believe someone could love a demon, or that he didn’t even deserve that kind of love after all those things he has done. And hadn’t Hanael once even been terrified of him?

"I never realized… Not that your feelings were this strong… I never thought anyone would love me like that."

And now that he knew, it made him speechless. To think that something he once thought was ridiculous could now affect him so. But in a good way; it actually made him feel happy he was loved. Or atleast, he was pretty sure this unfamiliar feeling was a kind of happiness.


[♥] Another kiss, this one to the demon’s jawline. Hanael did not ignore the jab made to his chest — merely followed it with affection and warmth. [♥]

"If I get worse, you’re going to be the one to know. By the same coin, if you feel yourself take a turn for the worse or if you are injured, you know how to find me. I won’t stand to see another person I love hurt without my doing something to help aid them.”

Affection and warmth was still quite a rare thing for the demon. Not an unknown feeling… just something he didn’t experience from all that many people. It was in fact welcome however, especially coming from someone he got along with so well.

"It’s a relief to hear you will let me know atleast… And I assure you, if my own condition worsens, I will let you— wait… love..?"
It had suddenly hit him, not the word itself, but how Hanael had put a lot of emphasis on it.

Again it wasn’t unheard of that someone used that word to convey their feelings about him, but it had always been such a casual thing. Like when he had aided someone with a problem, or saved them from danger. This seemed like… well, something more. And that surprised him. For someone to truly love him despite knowing what he was…


[♥] A lean upwards, pink lips softly pressing against Dove’s for long enough to silence him. A pull away and a deep sigh. [♥]

"— Dove. It’ll be okay. Please, it would hurt me more to see you wear yourself out over my stupidity than you can even comprehend. So… so please. Put your pride away… for me."

Those worried ruby eyes grew a little wider upon their owner receiving a kiss to stop lips from moving. It proved succesful, as he indeed fell silent long enough to listen to Hanael’s words.
Pride… Something he knew he had too much of, and which he should tone down every now and then. The archangel before him was a good reason to. The last he wanted was to hurt him even more with his actions. 

Now it was his turn to let out a deep sigh, but after that he nodded and smiled softly. “Alright… for you. If it gets any worse though, please tell me. And atleast promise me you will give your injuries plenty of time to heal on their own. That means taking it easy and making sure you rest.”

An almost playful poke was given to the angel’s chest, a bit of a silent warning that should he fail to stick to that promise, Dove would know and would take matters into his own hands.


"Dove, it’s all right. You’re… getting tired, aren’t you? And patching me up — that won’t make it better for you…"

[♥] A tilt of his head, a concerned shake. [♥]

"Don’t waste energy fixing my fuck-up."

"It’s fine, I can handle this, please let me heal your wounds…"
It wasn’t fine at all, Hanael was right that it would only exhaust him further. But this was something he really wanted to do, and he wouldn’t be able to rest until he knew Hanael was going to be okay

Plus… he didn’t want to appear weak before the archangel. He didn’t want the other to know he was indeed teetering on the edge of falling asleep. He was a high ranking demon, he couldn’t fail in patching up some injuries, that would be ridiculous.

"It’s only going to make me feel worse if I can’t do this for you."


"— Nothing to share that isn’t depressing, I’m afraid."

[♥] A gesture at bandages that poked out of a pink sweater, encasing the angel’s hands and neck. [♥]

"I…accidentally…. um…. yeah. I accidentally."

How could he have missed that?! He really was getting weary if he couldn’t even notice the injuries of his dear friend! Fingers hooked around one of the sweater’s sleeves to lift it up a and get a better view of the severity.

And then worried eyes darted up to Hanael’s blue ones.
"What happened? You can tell me— wait can I, is it something I can heal? I’m getting better at advanced healing magic, maybe I could… you know…"


"Yes, yes, you are."

[♥] A giggle, the man flinging his thin arms ‘round Dove’s neck. A happy sigh he pulled a way and tilted his head. [♥]

"And you, as well?"

It never ceased to lift his own moods to see Hanael this jolly and affectionate. Of course he could only smile at the archangel throwing his arms around him.

"I’ve been as well as is currently possible given the circumstances~" The words sounded confident, while in reality Dove was still frightened by what may come soon. He couldn’t deny that he was growing older, and needed some well-deserved rest after centuries of fighting his own kin.

"So tell me, what have you been up to? Any amazing stories you could share with me?"



[♥] Happy pigeon sounds!!! [♥]

He follows up with some more pigeon sounds, before chuckling.
"Hey there, Hanael! It sounds like you are doing well~ Am I correct to make that assumption?"


[♥] Makes pigeon noises!! [♥]

Makes pigeon noises in answer to Hanael’s noises

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