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Headcanon - Demons


{Demons are born sexless. Demon spawn are born as entities and while they have physical forms those forms do not have sexual characteristics. This is not to say that demons are without genders, but rather that as they grow older and discover their gender(s) they will change their forms to match their identity. With this being said it’s possible to encounter very young demons who have not taken their forms to match their gender yet, but at the same time it’s possible to meet demons that have chosen to have no identifying sexual characteristics or, that do have sexual characteristics that can change without warning. At their core demons are their own entities and can choose how their physical form is represented. Therefore any demons identifying as female will have female sexual characteristics and the same can be said for those that identify as male. This also means that demons identifying as gender neutral, gender fluid, or bi-gender will choose to have those corresponding sexual characteristics in their physical forms.}

A Meeting with Tea


If Catherine’s expression was anything to go by, the raven’s pun had not nearly been as brilliant (or groan-worthy) as she had originally thought.  This was further reinforced by the pun seemingly flying over Dove’s head as he gave a rather serious answer.  The only saving grace was that Ace had been noticeably giggling about something, but if her memory was correct, it had taken place before her wondrous wordcraft.

Well, if she was totally honest, maybe she would’ve mentioned that her own brand of heterochromia was how halfings of her kind were identified.  She herself was of literal ‘mixed blood’ from the resurrection process, but as with Dove, Kyrene could also be considered pureblooded.  Just how she could be considered such was a story for another time, one for an atmosphere that wasn’t so cheery and lighthearted.

Her contractee wasn’t quite frowning at her, but she was definitely…less than pleased.

“C’mon, boss.  If I did a ‘fox pass’ or however it’s pronounced, you can scold me later.  Eat your scone and lighten up a bit, huh?  Like the young’n said, we’re with friends and can have fun.”

“ ‘Faux pas, Kyrene.”  Came the chiding reply after a brief pause.

“Yeah, that.”  The raven grinned, having noticed the briefest lightening of Catherine’s expression.  Well, at that and at seeing the heiress actually taking a bite out of the small biscuit-looking treat.

Dove had been about to correct her, but Catherine had been a step ahead and did it in his stead, although in a more chiding manner than he would have. So instead he focused on his own food. It didn’t matter much, it was just a word. As were the ones Kyrene had intended to become a pun. Honestly, Dove carried blood from many creatures, even a dove which had been unfortunate enough to end up as sacrificial piece for his summoning. ‘Pureblood’ was overrated anyway. He was atleast as powerful as the fallen angels, even with his previous body destroyed by Vivian and his essence stuffed into a pigeon. That was the plan for his creation of course; if he was to overthrow Lucifer he’d need to be damn strong.

Again Ace chimed in to lighten things up a bit more with a question that should get people more excited to start talking: “So what about hobbies then? Surely you guys have hobbies? As for me, mine are probably a little weird. I kind of like collecting small things, especially glittery and shiny things. Oh and plushies too, I like plushies. Other than that I… like playing games. Together with friends of course. Oh and drawing. Though I’m not really good at it.” And awkward little smile was given, and then she turned her glance to Dove, who smiled softly in return.

As she seemed to be hinting for him to tell of his hobbies next, he left his cake be for a moment to speak. “I suppose my hobbies are a tad more boring as I mostly just write in what little free time I find. Paperwork, journals, and I have a few books published under my name, mostly history books. Sometimes I may also find a place to tell stories to those who will listen. Other than that, when I do have spare time I enjoy a nice flight.” And with that he paused to offer Kyrene and Catherine a chance to tell him and Ace about their hobbies and interests.

I just randomly remembered that I have the power to make Dove sing and dance in his birdie pyjamas, to the Macarena, using a hairbrush as microphone, and there’s nothing he can do against it.

Bonus: I can make everything he does canon cause he’s © to moi


"I am quite well, I assure you." The young woman was quick to protest him, a bit too quickly for it to be truth. Frankly she wished that her mother and sister would return back from their shopping trip, after her episodes all she usually wanted was to be able to curl up beside Christine and talk with her about mindless little things, anything that could take her mind off the dark memories that had resurfaced. But for now she had to remain dignified, there was a guest in her presence, and it would be terrible of her to push her personal burdens onto the stranger. Elle would do nothing more than sip tea and listen to a nice story. 

His gesture to her tea was noted, and returned with a slight nod as she lowered herself to join him beside the fireplace again; the warmth of the flames was rather welcome now, it did feel as if she had caught an unnatural chill from her episode. Arranging her skirts with care, the young girl was rather embarrassed to observe how viciously her hands were trembling. An attempt to hide it was quickly issued, tightly clasping them together and placing them in her lap, surely he wouldn’t be paying too much attention to her hands, so there was no real concern for her if he gave a brief glance over her hands; one had to have keen eyes to notice these things. 

"Sir, you do have the most striking hair…" She began, then through a quick panic added hurriedly "In the best way possible! I… I just… Well, I’ve never seen a man take such good care of his hair. Do you have servants to attend to it? I usually do with my own." Oh, how addled her brain was! She could scarcely make appropriate small talk, this gentleman would think her a fool for such a bizarre compliment. At least he appeared trusted by the servants, usually if she was left alone in the presence of a gentleman, a servant would remain in the room and mind her like a child. But here there was none in sight, so that was at least mild reassuring for her, the last thing she needed was a stranger suddenly accosting her. That would really push her past her limit. 

Dove did have keen eyes, not to mention demons had a natural talent for spotting these things. Elle wasn’t quite the best at hiding it either, but he didn’t mention anything as she refused to say anything about it. Even if he could see she was uncomfortable, he wasn’t a literal mindreader and he didn’t know what got her like this. He doubted that he was the cause— unless she had somehow figured out what he was? Humans tended to have a sudden change of demeanor once they knew.

He was broken out of those thoughts when she mentioned his hair. Whether it was a way for her to distract herself he didn’t know, but her little stutters and quick elaborations made him chuckle. “It’s fine, I hear it often and it doesn’t irk me. Not even the ‘old man’ jokes that occasionally accompany the comment about my hair.” If you considered his age in human years, he was more than just old, he was pretty much ancient. For a demon he was still fairly young however, and even in his human disguise he looked no older than 30 at most.

"To answer your question: I don’t have servants to attend to it, I take care of my hair myself. Although my daughter does seem to enjoy helping me comb it."
A little grin was given and then he sipped some more of his tea. Honestly, that girl liked to style his hair in all kinds of ways. He couldn’t really blame her, given how short her own was. And while she was by now an adult, she had the mind of a child still. Aside from that, she had a tendency to grab onto locks of his hair while she slept. Somehow it gave her comfort holding it. He’d just let her, since it helped her rest.

"Well then, I was going to tell a fairytale, wasn’t I? Let’s see… I was once told the story of The Magpie’s Nest. It’s a simple one, but quite interesting;

All the birds came to the magpie, because it was the wisest, and asked it to teach them how to build nests. The magpie started to demonstrate, but each time she did something, another bird concluded that was all there was to it. By the time she was done, only the turtledove was left, and it had been paying no attention, but singing “Take two”. The magpie said that one was enough but looked up and saw that every bird had left. She became angry and would not teach any more.
And that is why birds build their nests differently.

Now, give that story some thought…”


                     ❝     these people are my family.
                                       & if you hurt them in any way —— i will kill you.     

winged-gentleman whispered: ✍ .u.



((I have the headcanon that Dove can fly with his hair))



"People. You wanted me to get along with humans and well, i am on that" Amael made a dismissive motion with his hand that was quite equal to the one Lucifer made. Oh well “This is nothing, i can start reciting a chain of bad words. Shall i?” and he looked pretty damn smug at it 

A hand went out to rub at his forehead and remove some bangs from his face as he sighed. Of course, humans could be quite terrible not only physically, but with words as well. “There is a difference between getting along with them and imitating them. There is no need to use such crude words; you never hear me use them either, do you? And honestly, I do not need to hear your chain of bad words.”

A pause there, as his expression fell into a slight frown. Of course he had expected Amael to lose his innocence quite fast, but it was still a shame it had to happen like this. He had been such a sweet and bubbly toddler, only to turn into a bitter boy because of what humans had done to him and what he was forced to do to them.

"Rather than that… I’d prefer to use this moment together for something more enjoyable to distract our minds from this all. Is there anything specific you’d like to suggest?"

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