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Not suspicious at all…



"You don’t need to do that," She told him, a little surprised by the offer. "I don’t mind helping out someone that is a little turned around. I mean, I was in the same position once." 

Quite often the girl had helped travelers try to find their way to specific destinations since she arrived here. Mainly because she knew how hard it was to not have any idea of where to go — and she had the unpleasant experience of nobody being willing to help direct her, which the redhead didn’t like. 

"But I think it’s rude to decline your invitation as well," Kiki continued on. "So, sure, I wouldn’t mind. And no need to rush, I’ll go wait over there." She pointed over to a small lounge area away from the check in desk. "Take your time." 

Nodding, he turned to check in while she would wait. For a moment that poor clerk must have thought the pile of paperwork he placed on the desk was meant for her, considering her awkward expression. But fortunately for her he just needed his hands free. Some conversation followed, an exchange of items, and Dove picked up the papers again to bring them to his assigned room. He gave Kiki a glance for a moment before heading up.

When he returned from his room some minutes later, he was without the papers and could finally rest his arms on his sides. Glancing around for just a moment, he then turned to head for the lounge area and walked over to Kiki with a soft smile on his features. Seems she had decided to truly wait for him. He had half expected her to make her escape while he was gone to check in, given how she seemed hesitant about his invitation to join him. And after all, he was a stranger, he wouldn’t blame her for being cautious around him.

"Well, everything went successfully. I’m ready to head over to that restaurant whenever you are~ Of course, everything will be on me so don’t worry about any costs, alright?"

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Dove getting smacked in the face and looking like a beaten puppy.

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Afternoon Delights | Winged-Gentleman


With that, Nate bid goodbye to them both, lightly kissing Christine’s hand as he ignored the slight hint of a grimace in the corner of her eyes; quite well masked by years of pretending to be thoroughly delighted with the engagement. She was rather pleased to have him out of her hair now though, every minute he’d been nagging to her about various causes and problems that she couldn’t really offer any assistance on… So to be free of him was quite the blessing.

His explanation of territory invasion was terribly interesting, and it offered her much needed insight into how the natives must have felt when people had suddenly began building an empire within America. It was true, if her home had been invaded by strange individuals who didn’t explain any of the changes they were carrying out to her… Well, it must have been a terribly frightening experience from them all. It was no wonder really that had retaliated with such explicit violence, especially when those invading held weapons like guns; new horrible things that could kill from a distance… She too would be most terrified if she was placed in the same position that they had been forced into. “When you put it that way… Well, the violence is incredibly understandable… Those poor people, no wonder they are so protective in terms of the territory treaties you discuss in your books.”

His last phrase on the matter reminded her of an experience of her own. When her younger sister had been brought into the courting period, Kole and Sam had both followed her about in desire of achieving some affection from the young lady… As a result of them being placed against each other as competing suitors, most former civility that had been between the two young men fell through. Most of the time any arguments they held quickly resorted to violence and resulted in Nate having to physically drag Sam away from Kole- Elle stood between the pair screaming for them to stop… Oh, it had been eventful growing up in that friendship group.

"Oh no, sir. Please do go on… It’s rare that I’m treated to such intriguing conversation like this!"

His first reaction to her words was to smile softly. He was more used to others shutting him up as they were not interested in what he had to say, his words were not needed in the encounters he usually had. Then again, most of the time he was telling demons to stop what they were doing, of course they would not listen to a stranger deciding their actions for them. And of course like he had said, it led to more violence than necessary.

He could also imagine that conversations like these were rare for a lady like Christine. Usually they were expected to remain silently by the side of their husband, playing a supporting role. It was not necessary for women to join in the conversation, as men arrogantly believed they were too irrational, too driven by emotions, to give decent insight. In that sense Dove found it safe to say that these lands were less free than they believed. Atleast back in Hell, gender roles weren’t as much of a thing. Most demons are genderless, and just decide on a shape they are most comfortable with, Dove was no exception to that. And no matter if you chose to be male or female or neither, you were expected to fight during wars.

"Then, I think it may also be important to note that there was a difference in the value of things. While we came to collect their materials for the simple sake of money, to the tribes many of their possessions had a spiritual and religious meaning and trying to take that away from them surely would be upsetting. Aside from that we tried to change their religion and ways to match our own, of course they were bound to be defensive over that. Basically, we were taking away their ideals, which they had followed for many generations and were important to them, to gain from it ourselves. What was sacred to them, we selfishly took for our enjoyment—"

"Dove, Dove look! A rabbit!" Ace excitedly exclaimed, pointing an indexfinger at something a small distance away, while the other hand still clung to his arm. She had completely forgotten about his pseudonym again, too occupied with the small brown furry creature quickly hopping back under the green leaves. Ever since the white pet rabbit she had been gifted by her adoptive father to keep her company those years ago, she had developed a fondness for the animals. Of course her naive mind didn’t think of the consequences for the environment rabbits lived in, so never did she understand that others saw them as a pest.
And oh so excitedly did she crouch down to look beneath the leaves of the bush it was hiding in, trying to meet the gaze of those beady eyes.
Dove merely chuckled softly at the girl’s excitement.

Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test

Subject: Dove
  • Result: INTJ
  • Introvert: 56%
  • Intuitive: 62%
  • Thinking:: 75%
  • Judging: 78%
Test here (x)

track name Wasteland
artist 10 Years
album Killing All That Holds You
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ofliliesandtrumpets whispered: "So, I heard you were a demon...?" //Hello, Gabby baby wanted to interact with Dove, so I hope you don't mind.

(-whispers- never… *w* Feel free to interact as much as you want)

"Well, I don’t know which little birdie told you, but they were correct."
Normally he wouldn’t admit it like this, but he could easily sense that this one wasn’t human either. And the hesitation Dove could spot when the other asked his question made the demon want to see the reaction when he would confirm so easily.

"Is that a way to greet someone however? How about you start with introducing yourself and giving me your name instead."

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fucking incredible



She couldn’t help but smile when he did the little trick of appearing things in the air. In this case, the notebook; which she received gladly from him and opened to choose a recipe.

A frown grew on her face as she passed through the many recipes, trying to understand this writing. She was not used to it because she hadn’t read handwritten books or other things and she had never seen her friends writing like this either and the cursive only managed to confuse her.


After some more seconds of looking around with panic, she spots a word on the title of one of the pages. It was understadable and she knew what it was:

"T-this one!… ‘Macaron!’ "

"Macarons, a wonderful choice~"

He had never made them himself before, but had been gifted the sweets by another sweet young girl he knew once. She loved those things and buying macarons for her always brightened her mood, and that oh so precious rosy face. Eventually she had passed away, and he had written down the recipe to make them himself to honor her. In the end, he never could will himself to actually do it. Whenever he was about to try, his chest felt heavy and he wouldn’t do it, fearing that he’d mess up and they wouldn’t do that sweet girl justice.

It didn’t really come as a surprise to him that Annie liked them as well. And maybe today, now that he had help from his dear friend, he could finally make delicious macarons to make both his friends happy. It would be an interesting experience atleast.

"Well, let us head to the store to buy the ingredients we need. I’m certain I already have the utensils we’ll need for make them." Gesturing for her to follow him, he started walking in the direction they needed to go.

track name Now Or Never
artist Nano
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Now or Never | Nano

Lyrics under the cut:

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even monsters have something they want to protect.
                     and they’d kill to keep them safe.


Kyrene didn’t quite believe the smile and words that Dove presented when she’d asked if Catherine had misbehaved, but she wasn’t going to push the subject either.  She gave a small shrug which was more or less disguised underneath a means to help shift the blonde into a more manageable position.

“Oof, theeere ya go, you little bosslady, you.”  She chuckled as Catherine gave an annoyed grunt at the term as well as a half-hearted sideways headbutt from where her head rested on the raven’s shoulder.  “Alright, alright.  Be nice, I’m your ride home.”

Once Kyrene was sure that Catherine was mostly, if not completely asleep, she stood up.  Securely hooked arms made sure that the taller woman didn’t fall off or slide down in time with gravity.  

“Heh, can you believe it?  All those years back, she could hold off hordes of Franks from  overrunning her lands, but now she can barely hold on to herself after a couple of drinks.  It’s good that the stuff back then was fairly light, I guess…”  She trailed off, her smile fading along with her sentence.  As calm as Dove usually, she could still tell that Catherine must have been fairly annoying.  

She walked over to the door and hesitated before turning the handle.  “…Hey?”  Kyrene glanced back towards Dove.  “I really appreciate you watching her.  I… I shouldn’t have panicked earlier, before she ran off.  I’ll handle it from here, but I owe you one.”

The demon smiled softly however and crossed his arms in amusement, seeing Catherine’s antics while Kyrene dealt with her. It was a lot funnier when someone else was dealing with this instead of him. He should probably keep this in mind though, next time he challenged Catherine to a drinking duel. Winning was great, but if that meant dragging the woman home while trying to ignore her antics… he’d rather spare himself that scene even if it would be karma getting back at him for an unfair duel.

"Don’t worry, Kyrene. Despite her being your contractee, she is a human. I am still supposed to protect humans, even from themselves. Part of my tasks… to watch her when she cannot do it herself." He was perhaps even a little relieved that Catherine had come to his place, where she would be safe. On the streets it would have been easy for others to take advantage of her state.

"Of course I do not mind a peaceful evening for myself, so I’d be much obliged if you’d take her home and care further for her now."
To offer his last bit of help, he kept the door open for the awkward duo so they could pass through more easily. Once they were gone, he closed it softly, letting out an equally soft sigh. The silence and peace were a nice change from the shenanigans that had happened shortly before.


*The angel stopped and turned around looking at the other being* What do you want from me? I know you aren’t just going to give me help for free. I’m not stupid after all. You want something from me. *He came back over and looked into those crimson orbs* I know you will never really be my friend or want to get close to me. I can tell by the way you reacted to my hug. Don’t worry I’m used to that anyway. *More sadness entered his eyes* Its the same way other angels react. They don’t want to be near me, or get close to me. They don’t want me. None of them want me as a lover or mate. To them I’m not beautiful or worthy anymore. Even though I’m a Seraphim … *The angel fell to his knees unable to speak. An arrow had been shot through his chest. Hovering not too far away was a group of angels with one black and one white wing. Their faces were covered and they had their bows ready to shoot again. Vern looked up at Dove* T-they f-found me. *Tears came to his eyes as he fell to the ground*

"I have no expectations from you, I merely wanted to offer help since it costs me nothing other than some minor effort. I cannot help however, if you do not accept it." He got up on his feet himself now, his eyes staring right at Vern’s eyes when the angel turned back. To say his words hurt the demon went too far, but they did aggravate him.
"You have to realize that I am used to being on my own as well. I hunt demons and am hunted by many creatures, I have to be on guard at all times, and close contact is usually not a good sign in my case. It’s an automatic response for me to lash out at anyone touching me, so be grateful I didn’t attack when you hugged me out of the blue—"

He had no chance to finish what else he was going to say, when his eyes fell on an arrow piercing through the angel’s chest so suddenly, and Vern falling to his knees, before dropping on the ground. Not for a second did he hesitate to dive towards Vern, pulling out his specialized rapier and stabbing it into the ground beside them to create a blue, glowing, dome-shaped barrier to protect them from any more arrows. The demon always had enchanted weapons prepared for emergencies, and it proved useful in a situation like this one where he had to act fast.

trusting the barrier to be powerful enough to keep them safe from harm, he fully focused on the wound on the angel’s chest, starting up his healing magic to close it while pulling out the arrow. “Bear with me…” he muttered as he did so. This would be painful, but the quicker he healed the angel, the better. There was no time to take it easy and comfortable.

"Listen; now is our chance to take down those Reavers. I am under no obligation to keep them alive, so if you want me to kill them, I can. Or, we could make our escape right now and live to fight another day. Just tell me what you want me to do…"

You’re not what I’m looking for


Michael’s eyes narrowed further at his answer. So he was a demon, through and through from the dark corners of Hell, he had no doubts.

But England? Really? 

Now Michael was more irritated than curious. This being was more of an anomaly than he expected and he had more questions than answers. So a demon from far corner of Hell was in front of him, and for some reason lived in England, had been travelling, and had been shown to kill his own kind. 

He was missing something, but he had no idea what. There was no point in skirting around the obvious any longer, although, he still wasn’t going to reveal his true self. His entire image did not waver -despite his growing annoyance-, he still remained as a sweet, innocent, curious young man. 

"Oh, not from around here," he began, "I’m just… visiting. I hail from a much better place. Less chaos," he remained as vague as possible, only dropping a hint or two. He already suspected that Dove knew he was an angel, maybe this will give a confirmation. 

"Why did you kill that demon?" and there it was. Michael hoped he would get the information he needed with Dove’s answer. If not well…

Things would get interesting. 

A confirmation Michael’s words did give. In combination with his earlier suspicion that the person before him was an angel, Dove believed that the area the other referred to was in fact Heaven. It was the most logical to him atleast. Why else just visit this place when your own is so much better and less chaotic?
He was tempted to question the other about it, but his chance slipped away when instead he himself was asked a question again. Funny how his investigation towards a demon had turned into an interrogation with an angel instead.

"Why indeed? I’d say it’s not such a strange occurrence for others to feel inclined to kill them. Humans fear and reject them, they’re the direct enemies of the angels, and even other demons will not hesitate to kill their kin to raise in rank themselves. An already dying demon makes an easy target, doesn’t it? As for my own reasons however…

I am fulfilling the dying wish of a human I cared deeply about. She wanted humankind to have a safe world to live in, and malicious demons pose a threat to that wish. This particular one had been terrorizing a village of humans, so I set out to take it down. Perhaps I could have let it die on its own as it was in a hopeless situation already, but it’s also not in my interest to cause suffering as a payback or revenge. So I ended its life to end everyone’s suffering here.”

He contemplated for a moment after those words, thinking whether he should ask a question that entered his mind or not. Well he was a curious demon, and this clearly was no human boy anyway so he may as well pose the question. “What is your stand on demons? Would you say I ‘did the right thing’ by killing it, or would you have done something else, in my situation? In fact, do you believe all demons are evil and should be killed?”

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