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(Alright alright, off to bed I go, as promised -v-

Will reply to things tomorrow. Sorry for the absence lately.)



Alright then, I’ll believe you. For now." He has a security system?! What does he need to hide?!


"Good~ Glad you do. I wouldn’t believe me." He has one ever since I broke into his room. Twice. Once while drunk on holy water even.

electorofhell said: -wondering what he was doing in Michael’s room to begin with-

Messing with his security system

"Business matters~"


so a few days ago i sat down for dinner and my mom handed me the camera with a strange look on her face. all she said was “you need to see this” and i was like ?? okay

but then


that is my dad with a pigeon on his head.

SO OF COURSE MY REACTION WAS JUST “WHAT?! HOW??? HOW” and APPARENTLY when my dad was outside gardening, he saw it land on the roof of our house. and then it just. flew down. and landed on his head



like the other morning i stepped outside to call my dad in for lunch and the pigeon was just sitting on the front porch watching him work


best friends forever


((I just realized Dove’s Day Of Summoning is getting fairly close. 13 October is his day, haha. The dork can’t remember his actual birth/creation day so he usually considers the day he was summoned to Earth his ‘birthday’. Funny enough, it’s also the date he met Ace for the first time, although the contract seal was made a few days later, on the 18th. ))

adherentofmunnin whispered: Hey there, I'm not so good with words but this... -draws finger up his spine- is the best pickup line I got. ;3


"Th-that’s— quite a—uhm— strong pickup line"

Anonymous whispered: Would you look at that? You're an absolute Angel ♥


"I hardly believe ‘Angel’ is the right word to describe me. But, whatever you believe, dear Anon."

Anonymous whispered: Did it hurt when you fell from Heav-- No, wait.


"Truthfully, anon, I did fall from Heaven a couple of times when Michael kicked me out of his room. Only hurt my feelings a little though~"

Anonymous whispered: You ain't a chick, but I can pick you up if you want~ *eyebrow waggle*


"Oh I’m sure you can. I’ve got hollow bones after all, I weigh less than the average human of my height."

adherentofmunnin whispered: Ooh, baby, look at those feathers. Will you be my bed and blanket tonight? ;D


"I’m afraid I’m babysitting tonight, so I have no time to act as your bed and blanket."
((Excuse you, Dove.))

adherentofmunnin whispered: Hey baby I'm feeling a bit peckish, can I have some of you? ;D


"I’m afraid I still need ‘me’, but you can have some sandwiches this sweet old lady gave me ♥"

Anonymous whispered: Yo, Dove. I've got "bed" crumbs for you *wink wink nudge nudge*


"Can’t say I’ve ever heard of such crumbs. They don’t sound very tasty."

adherentofmunnin whispered: Are those tailfeathers in your pants or are you just happy to see me? ;D

"I guess I must’ve accidentally let my disguise slip a little…"

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