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                                 ”  J є α ℓ σ υ ѕ у , anger,  r e s e n t m e n t ,
                                              all  s w e l l   deep inside of me,
                                   twisting, crawling, corrupting,  c on t r o l l i n g
                              T  u r n i n g  me into  š ø м e ø и e   I didn’t want to be.
                                             I ‘ო   ʂօ ɾ ɾ ყ.  …  F o r g i v e   me.  ”                          

Anonymous whispered: "Draw me like one of your French girls ;D" -adherentofmunnin


"Pardon? Draw you like who? I don’t believe I am acquainted with any girls of French origin in the first place."

track name Life 2: Unhappy Ending
artist Stars
album In Our Bedroom After The War
play count 185
Send me a ★ if you want me to write a starter to rp with you.


"I think Master Mamoru said that it meant ‘little burning one’," Serafino said, not quite recalling whether the girl or Gabriel had told him that; but it wasn’t too important. "But, um—" 


Now he looked a little puzzled, “Contract? What’s a contract? I don’t remember something called that, but, Master Mamoru has said the word familiar before when she talked about me to someone before. So that I can answer with a yes! But contract—” 

Serafino had no idea what that was. 

So the child was indeed someone’s familiar. And most likely a supernatural one then; his eyes had not been wrong. Based on speech, he’d say Serafino was still atleast as young as he appeared. But regardless, he’d still be honest when answering the kid’s question.

"It depends, there are different kinds of contracts. In your case, the contract would be an agreement between master and familiar; the familiar serves the master and aids them in special ways only they can, while in return the master offers something else that would benefit the familiar. For example a living enviroment, food, bedding, company…" He paused for a moment there to think of how to phrase the rest of his words.

"In my own case things work a little differently. I’m not quite the same as a familiar. A human calls me and tells me a wish to grant them, and in return, when the wish is fulfilled they give me… a special thing I need to survive. After that my kind usually returns home. When the contract lasts longer, we may choose to place a mark on the body of the one we have a contract with, so we will be linked and will not lose sight of them while we go separate ways."

track name So Far Away
artist Staind
album The Singles 1996-2006
play count 10829


"So Far Away" by Staind

track name Run
artist Snow Patrol
album Final Straw
play count 3729


to think I might not see those eyes

makes it so hard not to cry


She felt glee on her heart when she heard his approval. However, his last question made her smile sink a little as she looked down to compare the size of the nest to Dove and her’s. It really wasn’t such a big nest, but they would both fit in.

Now, would it be okay to share it with Dove? Of course! It was his nest, after all… But what worried her was that he’d be extremely close to her… Was that okay for him? For her?

She spent some seconds thinking about this and then she suddenly started to recall some cheerished memories of her: Meeting Dove by a Trick and Treat game. Sharing a pie together and getting to know each other’s names. The seal inside the locket, given by him in case of danger. The sleepover… All of those memories provoked her smile to return to her lips. She’d came to trust Dove with time and sharing a nest with him wouldn’t change their friendship. Not at all…

"I-I don’t mind if you do~" she replied shyly, turning to look at her demon friend.

"Very well, that’s good to hear~" was spoken, a smile still on his face. With her permission, he walked over and climbed into the nest, making himself comfortable. Some shifting later he patted the open space for her to hop in as well. Perhaps a little strange for a bird to invite someone not their mate into his nest, but honestly he couldn’t care. They both knew they were just good friends, there were no intentions other than just offering a comfy place to sit. And besides, it’d only be for now while they waited for the macarons to cool down so they could be eaten, right?

"So tell me, Annie, did you have any other things in mind you would like to do after the macarons are done? The day is far from over, and I’m certain that even if the event would be far away, I can bring us there within seconds. Of course if you prefer to remain here or go home afterwards, that’s fine with me as well. Just tell me, alright?"

track name The Gift
artist Seether
play count 21


"Hold me now I need to feel complete
Like I matter to the one I need”

music all day kind of day.

track name Seven
artist Revis
album Places for Breathing
play count 2
track name Deep Down
artist Saosin
album In Search of Solid Ground
play count 56


Saosin | Deep Down

So earlier I had a conversation about hairclips with some friends, which also sparked a doodle I did of Ace with hairclips.

What better way to follow up than to draw my friends’ muses with ‘em, and of course Floofbutt?

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