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Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

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*Vern thought about something for a while getting rather quiet.  Then he turned to the man again looking into his crimson orbs.  His wings ruffled and he let out a sigh* What would happen if I made a contract with you?  I am curious. *He then looked down at the ground and tears came to his eyes* I have yet to find those who had taken my parents from me and … I don’t think I can do it alone.  I have tried for years now and have come up with nothing. *He looked back up into Dove’s eyes*

"A contract..?" Well now, it had been quite a while since anyone requested a contract with him, and it was an even bigger surprise coming from a high-ranking angel. It was understandable that he wished to find the one causing his parents’ death, but to form a contract with a demon for that…

"It depends on the kind of contract and what you are willing to sacrifice for it. If you are speaking of a Faustian contract in which I mark you and bind us, so that you can state your wish and call upon me and command me at any given time… then the price to pay would be that your soul either ends up with me once your wish is fulfilled, or brought down to Hell to join its ranks there. It’s a method used by humans so that the demons will not betray them, as humans normally cannot stand up to a demon otherwise. With a contract staking such a valuable thing as the human’s soul, we cannot disobey them.”

His own eyes averted for a moment, before a small smile formed on his features. “I don’t mind helping you find out who took your parents based on a mutual understanding rather than a contract, however if they are human I cannot allow for the perpetrator to meet the same fate as your parents. Only with a contract in which your wish for revenge is stated as a clause, can and will I break my own policy. The same goes for demons who have changed their violent ways and are no longer a threat to humans.”


“Ahaha.”  Oh, this was gonna get awkward. “Yeah, she’s my contractee, but our…um…our relationship is…odd.”  

Or maybe it was better to say it was unfortunate.

“It’s all very long and complicated, but the short of it is, she doesn’t remember much about the contract…or anything much about me for that matter.”  She rubbed the back of her neck, an odd and  almost apologetic smile on her face.  “If you want to talk mechanics, best it just stays between us for now.  I think she’d be weirded out by the ‘how’, as it were.”  Although she smiled and laughed it off, there was clearly a hint of pain behind what she’d just said.

“Regardless, I’m still sure she’d love t’meetcha.  She’s got this Saturday off.  Nothing business-y planned or anything.  Early afternoon ‘round 1 or 2 sound good?”

If there was one thing easy to spot for a demon, it was pain behind a smile. Understandable, if her contractee remembered nothing of the contract nor her contractor. Catherine was lucky to have a being like Kyrene then, as many demons did not take kindly to their contractor ‘forgetting’ the clauses or ‘abandoning’ them, even if unwillingly. Usually it meant the end of the contract… and the human’s life. Would Ace forget about him and the bond they shared, he wasn’t so sure what he would do. Consuming her soul was not an option now that he had grown attached to her, but maybe… he’d use it as a convenience to let her go. He still believed she was better off not being attached to him, atleast emotionally.

"I see… then this will remain between us. I will not mention anything to Catherine unless you decide to spark that subject yourself." A glance at Ace would be a silent hint that she too, was not supposed to mention Kyrene’s contract with her contractee. She nodded in understanding, proving once more that she and Dove got along well enough for words to not be needed.

"Well then, Saturday, 1 pm seems like a good time. I’ll treat us all to lunch at Alfheim’s so bring an empty stomach~" He chuckled, realizing well that his stomach was always empty so he himself had nothing to worry about. "Was there anything else that needs to be discussed, or shall we part ways here to prepare for this Saturday then?"


European Courtsword

  • Dated: late 19th century
  • Culture: Belgian
  • Measurements: 99.5 cm overall length in scabbard

The sword has an embellished and silvered hilt and counterguard, with a grip made of mother of pearl. It has a narrow, double-edged blade etched at the forte. It is presented with a black leather-covered scabbard with silvered mounts.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Auction Flex

Afternoon Delights | Winged-Gentleman


Dove? What a curious little slip up. Was that some sort of pet name that the girl had for her father? She recalled that Camilla’s father used to call her his “little lark”, but it struck her that a daughter saying that to her father was awfully strange. Camilla, the memory of her friend caused her heart to wrench, she had been gone for so long now… It was terribly strange that she had not returned to England to visit her family once since they sent her off to that boarding school in France. It was even worse that she hadn’t received one letter from her beloved friend, after everything that had happened between them both, how could Camilla forget the love they had shared? Unless the Delaroche’s had discovered Camilla’s sinful interest in women and banned her friend from contacting her… Oh, it was all so awful.

No. Now was not the time to get distracted by such upsetting things, Nate would be less than sympathetic if she began weeping in front of guests, it would hardly be the impression they were trying to set. Ah, this girl was simply adorable though, her relationship with her father was simply precious to observe. “Thank you, not quite as pretty as you though!”

"It would be my pleasure to escort you around the gardens." Nathaniel smiled, a curt nod of the head being given to Dove. This was running smoothly, Christine was already buttering up the man’s daughter, hopefully soon enough there would be enough rapport built between the girls to permit them to wander away on his own. Though he didn’t mind the presence of a well-behaved child, he found conversation became far more interesting once they left. He would actually enjoy the conversation, and sometimes he even overheard gossip about notable individuals in society.

The gardens itself was a true work of art, the gardener that his mother had hired had truly sculpted the landscape to perfection; The way the bright colours of the flowers contrasted and blended together, it was truly a treat for the eyes. No doubt it would impress the author and his child, then he could make the effort to become more amiable with the man! After all, as his father had constantly reminded him as he grew up, connections were everything in society; The higher powered your friends were, the more powerful you became. This author would simply be a stepping stone to greater men, soon Nathaniel’s own household would hold more power than his father’s had ever had.

It was strange, sad even how Ace was never good at dealing with compliments about her appearance. She had never considered herself beautiful. At most she looked ordinary, nowadays you could even say underdeveloped considering her age. All those years on the streets had done her body no good. She was frail, tiny, hardly a woman. What stung even worse was that it was mostly her late adoptive father who always called her pretty. So right now she had to be careful to keep smiling, keeping any urge of crying inside.

Fortunately the gardens certainly helped calm down her feelings. Back at her own manor the gardens had always been her favourite place to roam, especially when avoiding duties, or playing hide and seek games with involuntary seekers. And this place was even more beautiful, tranquil.

Dove seemed to find the place impressive as well, giving his red eyes enough time to look around as he and his little one were being escorted around. While the sky was his element, the demon certainly appreciated the nature bound to the earth, and it was visible in his content expression. Normally he was more fond of the wild and unkempt nature where humans did not venture and influence it, especially since such areas were diminishing at a rapid rate. But the way this garden was organised was still wonderful. “I must say, you have lovely gardens. It’s rather easy to feel at ease here, quite different from the city and all its dull, grey buildings built for efficiency rather than to be fancy. I’m certain a lot of effort must have been put into this project, am I right~?”

And for the first time, Ace chimed in on her own without being nudged or anything, although her voice was still soft and barely audible: “It really is beautiful here… I could walk around here for days.”

((You know you’re suffering from lack of sleep when you’re imagining Dove dancing the French Can Can…))


Me at Masquerade lolita party in Moscow
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Endless list of favorite kinks [2/∞]

↳ wing kink

yes I do have a wing kink and I’d love something where Marco has wings and is an outcast because of that.

this is the place I choose to defend

and I’ll defend it to the

                                    e n d


Well, I am glad we met.  I don’t mess with demons all that much.  That is unless they are hurting an innocent.  Then I will intervene, but you aren’t evil at all.  I know not all demons are evil.  My parents taught me that … it was part of the reason they were targeted and killed.  I carry on their last wishes myself. *He nodded and then looked around at the beautiful landscape.  The grass shivered in the soft breeze and the trees leaves ruffled about* I know there are some evil humans.  Humans that are even more evil than demons.  This world is so confusing sometimes.  You never know. *He looked to Dove and smiled kindly at him* I’m curious though … how old are you?  I’m relatively young.  In my twenties.

"I personally tend not to judge a being based on what kind of being they are. I’ve met aggressive and passive demons, arrogant and kind angels, selfish and selfless humans… I like to think that we were all given life, and what you do with it is your choice. You do not have to decide on an alignment based on what you were born as." Unfortunately, not everyone agreed with those beliefs, as was demonstrated with the death of Vern’s parents. Dove himself still received plenty of judgement and distrust for being a demon.

Blinking at Vern, he was silent for a moment, before grinning. “You do indeed look young, but then again looks can be deceiving. I suppose I am living proof of that fact, as I’m reaching somewhere around a thousand and fifty years now… You’ll have to forgive me for not knowing my exact age; time in Hell and on Earth doesn’t run parallel and my age in human years is just an estimate. Regardless, compared to elderly humans, I don’t look my age, now do I…” Well except for maybe the pure white hair, but that was a result of his host’s genetic makeup rather than age, and the fact he was incapable of changing its color. Not that he wanted to, he was too proud for that.


At Ace’s gesture, Kyrene bent down, placing her hands on her knees as a brace of sorts.

“Aye?”  She responded.  “Well, I can’t blame him for being overprotective.  You being such a wee one and all.”  The raven straightened up with a good-hearted laugh and a ruffle of the young girl’s brown hair.  The action had been performed thoughtlessly, and Kyrene withdrew her hand immediately after noticing a small flinch from Ace  and sensing a further scrutinizing look from Dove.

“Whoops.”  She chuckled apologetically.  “It’s uh…it’s habit for me to do that.  I’ll try to remember to not do it again if it bothered ya.”  Here she shoved her hands into the pockets of her jacket to further emphasize her point.  “Eheh…as for meetin’ again, Dove, sir, I gotta say I think you two would be a swell pair of buds to have.  Pretty sure Catherine would back me up on that too.  You seem like a person she’d enjoy talking with.”  Kyrene shifted her weight to one leg. “If y’don’t mind me saying, it might be best to meet again on neutral grounds, jus’ to get some feelers out.  I can tell yer an okay sort, but Catherine’s… well, she can be pleasant, but extremely guarded on her own turf or on others.  Maybe a small café would be best?”

He let the gesture slide again, seeing as a ruffling of the hair, and an unintentional one at that, was pretty much harmless. Maybe when he had to brush out the knots from her hair again later, but her hair tended to be messy anyway. Ace, while she did visibly flinch, calmed down soon enough as well, it had just come as a surprise to her Dove guessed. So as long as Kyrene did not repeat that same gesture with his hair then everything was fine.

"I assume Catherine is your contractee then? I’m sure it would be interesting to meet each other and share some nice conversations. Especially given how the grounds on which your contract exists appear to be a litte different than our own, and I’m quite curious about it." A glance went out to Ace again, who looked back at him and blinked. In their case, it was his seal branded onto the girl’s chest which linked them, likewise he himself had Lucifer’s sigil burned onto his palm. But he could not sense any hint of the same type of magic from Kyrene. Then again, she was not a demon so it would work differently for her no matter what. Well, he’d find out more once he’d meet Catherine.

"There’s a quaint little cafe nearby which I believe is named Alfheim. They serve the most remarkable tea there, and offer sweets and treats as well. Perhaps a good place to meet up?" Dove tilted his head, whereas Ace grinned and nodded in confirmation that it was indeed a nice place.
"Now, I myself can plan my own working schedule, but I suspect Catherine must have other, more important matters to tend to which cannot be delayed. So if you could tell us when it would suit you two the best, we’ll plan our meeting for that date and time."

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